Communicating with Source

Communicating with Source
Inner Conversations

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Affirmation Death

Interactive Affirmations

Experiencing death first-hand is one of the highest emotions we can feel. It can take us to the deepest depths, or pull us up to the highest High's. Sometimes we are caught in the middle. But, from this position it is possible, if we choose, to move upwards & in so doing, we can transmute our energy to accomplish great tasks. I have several mp3's & CD's to walk you along this Path to high level outcomes. Learn to transmute...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Disorderly Eating....



So many people complain about having to take care of their own body. I find this so strange! The same people EXPECT their body to remain healthy and not to cause them trouble. Again, this makes no sense.  If you find yourSelf having even one little complaint on your tongue...STOP. Be Grateful & take the High Road in how you care for yourSelf. Rejoice in your Health. There are many who would trade with you.

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Alcohol Cessation


As I relax deeply, my Source comes to greet me, offering me a basket of powerful affirmations for me to enter. As I enter the scenes of my own Life, I notice how easily I make the choices that benefit my health and desired outcomes. I remove the chains that have been holding me back. They simply drop off of my body. I am Free.

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Conquering Fear

Relax deeply into the moment. Observe your breath. Deliver a mantra if this feels right for you. After reading this, close your eyes and tilt them up gently. Locate your Creative Mind Screen behind your relaxed closed lids. Image yourself and then notice you are close to the YOU in the scene. Deliver the relaxation...transfer it to your Self in the action. Breath gently. Notice that you sense enjoyment, even laughter at how easy this is. YES, I CAN.

Opening Your Creative Mind

Interactive Affirmations allow us to enter the images designed by our words. This is how affirmations are truly planted deep inside your subconscious mind. Here is the image of the infantSelf going deeper down into conversation with her Source. They are in conversation. Planning is in process. The infantSelf is reminded of why she has come to the Earth Plane and further descriptions of her Purpose. Everything has a plan. The infantSelf is highly aware and fully connected.

She is in the process of creating "magnificence."

Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht